Yes, Really, you can sell your home as-is for a fair price. And, it's Really easy.

Use Really to sell your home as-is. No strangers wandering through your home or phony staging furniture. No repairs that drain your savings. We’re Really by Roc360, we renovate homes for a living so we can offer a fair price for your house in its current condition. Call us when you’re ready for a free, no obligation in-home visit.

“I sold and got a fair price with none of the hassles!” - Stan M

We’re ready, when you’re ready to sell.

Every home requires maintenance. The more home you own, the greater the needs and expenses. Downsizing comes with the challenges of figuring out how much home you need, and where to live next.

And, in a traditional home selling process, you still have to store your things, stage and show your home and plan your move -- it’s a lot.

"Really sounded too good to be true, but I was wrong. Really is for real -- fast, easy, convenient. I wish buying a home was as easy as selling to Really."
Kim & Steve - Silverlake, Ca

Is your family growing? Is it time to relocate? Selling a home can be really daunting. And, if your home needs repairs or upgrades before you want to sell, the whole prospect of selling your home as-is can become overwhelming.

This is why Really was invented -- Really makes it easy for people to sell their homes, as-is, without staging and selling the home, or incurring the risk and costs associated with renovations and repair. When it’s time to get closer to your family, work with Really to make it happen, quickly and conveniently.

"Selling your home the traditional way is so overwhelming. Really sounded too good to be true. But, I took a chance, and after a quick call and an informative visit, I sold my house as-is and I’m so glad I did."
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Tom & Theressa - Fort Lauderdale, Fl
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The kids are gone, it’s time to indulge in that wanderlust. But, the home maintenance and utilities are soaking up your time and travel funds. It’s time to move on and change the scenery.

But, reclaiming that travel budget means selling your home -- and that comes with even more headaches -- repairs and renovations, listings and showing, storage and that mad scramble to move on the buyer’s timeline. No part of this sounds fun. But, with Really, selling your home as-is is simple.

"When we were finally all alone, all we wanted to do was plan our new life of travel -- something we’d looked forward to for years. But, when the reality of repairs and renovations threatened our timelines and savings, fear, uncertainty and doubt crept into our minds. Thankfully, we found Really. One call, one visit, and we were back to planning our future."
Tran & Khalyla - Orlando, Fl

Out of space? Need more house in your home? Selling your home as-is quickly and conveniently in as-is condition seems like a dream when you’re entirely focused on finding the next right home for you.

This is exactly what Really was built for -- selling your home without all of the hassle of staging and showing, finding a short-term rental, storing your stuff and moving on someone else’s timeline. We buy as-is -- no hassles with contractors, no strangers in your home, as quick as you want.

"Maybe we waited too long to buy more house, but who has time to sell their house the old fashioned way? Seriously! It’s too much. With Really, we were able to focus on finding our new dream home -- it all happened so quickly, on our timeline."
Janet & Chaz - St. Johns, Az
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Found your next home faster than you expected and have to close right away? Landed a dream job and need to get closer to the team?

Can’t drop everything and deal with contractors, brokers, moving and staging? We get it. That’s why we created Really. We buy your home, as-is, quickly.

"Everything we’d always wanted was happening, but we were in sheer panic about the timeline of our move -- selling our home quickly seemed like an impossible task. But, my new employer recommended Really and we gave them a call. A few days later, the panic was behind us and we were able to focus on finding a new home, getting ready for the next challenge."
Jake & Paul - Garden City, Ny

A partner you can trust

Really is a reputable company, owned and operated by Roc360, a leading real estate investment platform founded in 2013, having funded nearly $5bn in residential real estate investments through private lenders and direct to borrowers. Roc360 has created several successful standalone businesses in residential real estate investment, insurance, appraisals and more. Roc360 is licensed to lend and buy real estate nationwide. If you’re interested in learning how you can benefit from partnering with Really, contact us today.
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Really is an open, transparent buyer of homes. There’s no upfront commitment, no contract or binding obligation. Really gives you an honest estimate of your home value, based on the information you provide, public information and simple home visit. We won’t drag the process out, or try to run out the clock on your allotted time to sell — we’re here to make the process of selling a home as-is simple, expedient and satisfactory. If you want to take your time or do things your way, we understand, no pressure, no hassle — we’re here when you’re ready to move and you want a fair value on your home, as-is.

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